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Before we begin, you must have a Google Account first. I assume that you-all of you are familiar with the registration in the virtual world, so I will not explain how to register your Google account here. Remember, a Google account can be used for other Google services other than Google Reader. So there was no harm pren, free too. The next step is to check whether your favorite sites you already have a Web service feeds. In the previous article I have explained that the term Web Feeds are also known as RSS feeds, News Feed. In general, to determine whether the site has a Web service feeds you need to do is look for the RSS logo on the site. Here’s a variation of the RSS logo in the form of an icon

Icons RSS today has a diverse creations, but I am sure you can recognize them because this RSS logo has characteristics that are strong enough and have been widely used as an icon in the world of Internet Web feeds. If you do not find the icon / logo RSS on a website, try to find text or RSS Feed. And if you did not find the text, it is most likely that the site does not have a Web service feeds. As an early example, I will subscribe to a feed of Right-click on the RSS icon in site, and then click Copy Link Location / Copy Link Address. And back to the tab / window Google Reader and hit the Subscribe button. After that press the Add button, and wait a few seconds and Feed of bali web design already present in your feed list. I will repeat this step to enter other websites into Google Reader.

Bali Web Design: CSS & Javascript

CSS is a collection of program code that is used to design or enhance the appearance of HTML pages. With CSS we can change the design of the text, colors, images and backgrounds of almost all the code HTML tags. CSS and HTML are complementary, HTML is intended to create a structure, while CSS is used to change the appearance. CSS is not a programming language. In CSS we can control the image size, text color, the color table, border size, border color, the color of hyperlinks, mouse over color, spacing between paragraphs, spacing between text, margins left, right, top, bottom, and other parameters. CSS is a style sheet language used to manage documents. With the CSS allows us to display the same page with different formats.

Javascript is a scripting language that is popular on the internet and can work in most web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and others. Javascript is a programming language that is Client Side Web Programming Language. Client Side Programming Language is a type of programming language that the process is carried out by the client, which in this case is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Javascript initially serves to make the interaction between user and the website becomes more quickly without having to wait for processing in the web server. In a further development, Javascript is made for various purposes more modern like animations, chat features, modern effects, games, and others. Currently in development, often having trouble Javascript, Javascript code that we have made.

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